Kaizen and Productivity Training

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Capacitación en Kaizen y Productividad

At BP Logistics we train our staff with techniques that help them to perform better at work.

A training on kaizen and productivity was held in March. At the end of the training, each staff member was evaluated.

Learn a little more about the topics covered in the training.

What is Kaizen?

  • Kai- Over.
  • Zen – Good for others.
  • Kaizen = Reflective acts of continuous improvement.

The improvement can be divided into:

  1. Kaizen (Continuous Improvement): Means small improvements made as a result of progressive efforts.
  2. Innovation: It implies a drastic improvement as a result of a large investment in new resources (technology, equipment, manpower, etc.).

Kaizen Goals

  • Reducing costs through the elimination of waste at process levels.
  • Continuous, gradual and orderly improvement.
  • Generate ideas and concepts and test them. If they don’t work, try something additional or different.
  • Make changes with significant results and at low cost, usually in less than 5 days.


  • Relationship between the quantity of products obtained by a productive system and the resources used to obtain such production.
  • Relationship between the results and the time taken to obtain them: the shorter the time it takes to obtain the desired result, the more productive the system becomes.
  • In reality, productivity should be defined as the efficiency indicator that relates the amount of resources used to the amount of production obtained.




Martha Castellanos

Martha Castellanos

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