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BP Logistics Centro de Distribución Regional Panamá

History of BP Logistics

Continuing with the strategy of growth and geographic diversification, the decision was made to expand the company with a new operation in Panama. In December 2016 , together with a group of Panamanian partners, BP Logistics was established in the economic area of Panama Pacifico . From El Salvador, Blue Logistics would cover the northern triangle of Central America and the Caribbean and, from Panama, BP Logistics would cover Panama and South America.

It opens its doors to its customers on December 1, 2016 with approximately 10 employees in total, receiving the first containers with products on the same date.

In August 2017 celebrates its first year operating in areas of logistics and storage of products, succeeding with its first customers. In September 2017 it inaugurated its new area for the storage of pharmaceutical products with a controlled temperature system.

Blue Logistics and BP Logistics, the Group’s youngest companies, are characterised by the same culture of excellence in customer service, the distinguishing mark of the companies of the Grupo Hilasal.

Brief review of Hilasal

Hilasal de El Salvador
The History of Grupo Hilasal dates back to the 19th century when José Sagrera arrived in El Salvador from Spain and set up a small workshop where he made very basic fabrics.

The 1942 José’s grandson, Ricardo Sagrera, founds Hilasal, a family textile company that primarily manufactured yarn and basic fabrics for the local market.

In 1959, the company began producing bath towels and became the first company to manufacture this product in the Central American region.

Nuestra Empresa
Our Company
Don Ricardo Sagrera fundador de Hilasal
Ricardo Sagrera
Toallas Hilasal Colección Soho
Hilasal Towels SOHO Collection
In 1968 the company began to export its products to Europe and in 1975 under the direction of Ricardo Sagrera III, current President and CEO of the Hilasal Group, the first exports to the United States were made.
Currently, Hilasal has a modern vertically integrated plant in El Salvador. It is currently one of the largest manufacturers of printed beach towels in the world and one of the largest manufacturers of towels in North America.
In addition to the towel factory, the group founded Valley Manufacturing, a garment manufacturing company, in 1992. This division currently operates 6 plants with 2000 workers, serving prestigious customers such as Polo, Champion, Puma, etc.

In 1993, the group capitalized on synergies and incorporated Export Salva Free Zone, a service and business park of 280,000 square meters and 10,000 employees. The experience of more than 74 years in manufacturing and distribution, along with industry trends make us diversify our business, is how in 2004 Blue Logistics was born as a Regional Distribution Center in El Salvador.