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Sistema de Ventanilla Única (SIT)

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ventanilla unica

The Integrated System of Procedures is a body of the Special Economic Area Agency of Panama Pacifico (APP), formed by means of Executive Decree 77 of June 1,2006, which expedites the accomplishment of procedures by companies in the area.

This system contributes to speed up the procedures before different government entities, since, through it, users will be able to receive services on the site, from:

Ministry of Labour and Labour Development MITRADEL

National Immigration Service

National Customs Authority ANA

CSS Social Security Fund

Municipality of Arraiján

Arraiján Fire Department

National Environmental Authority ANAM

Ministry of Housing MIVI

Ministry of Agricultural Development MIDA

Panamanian Food Safety Authority (AUPSA)

Transit and Land Transport Authority ATTT

National Institute of Aqueducts and Sewerage IDAAN

The SIT offers, to the companies of the Panama-Pacific Area and its workers, diverse services in which agile processes are applied, as well as individual and personalized treatment in the attention of the diverse administrative matters; such as: Work permits for foreign workers, work contract registers, visas for foreigners who invest or work in the area and for their dependents, affiliation of workers and registration of employers in the social security system, procedures and payment of payroll, approvals of pre-projects and projects of construction and remodeling plans, approval of Environmental Impact Studies and other issues in urban development, payment of municipal taxes, among others. In order to provide the services and with the purpose that companies in the Panama-Pacific Area and their workers can carry out, electronically, the procedures that they need, in a more expeditious, efficient and effective manner, before the various institutions that make up the Integrated System of Procedures (SIT), the Panama-Pacific Special Economic Area Agency, implemented the automation of the system, adjusted to the processes of the entity and the needs of its users.

Martha Castellanos

Martha Castellanos

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